Monday, July 26, 2010

26.7.10 Bronze Sunshield Earrings for Yochi

One of the earrings I wear a lot are the purple sunshield earrings that also my dear friend Yochi likes very much.

Since I knew I was going to meet her in Tel-aviv's seashore, I made her for her birthday a pair in Bronze to fit her special honey eyes. This time as well, I managed to bead it just the evening before seeing her, so I am really happy to have made it on time and to appreciate how well it fits her.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

22.7.10 Bezalel Exposition

One of the cool things we did together Einat and myself during this hell hot summer, was to go visit the Bezalel (Jerusalem art school) Exposition for the year's end.
I was especially touched and amused from a 3D story made with cardboard and wire by an artist called Itai ron Gilboa. It tells about a love story between the bull "Mazal-tov" and the bird "Isabella". Below are some pictures that can poorly reflect how cute and charming this display was.

Another interesting display, this time by Orly Montag "Made of China", was a whole wall filled with white small dolls in small plaster frames. Many of them were the same, but some distinguished from the others and had a strong expression, such as the following one:

and what are the elements in the following picture made of?

Yep! Citrus fruit peels objects designed and produced by Ori Zonenshtein.

Last, I couldn't find the artist name, but an impressive room were filled with tones of small penguins, I think from plasticine, each and each different! (it's ashame the picture I took cannot transmit properly this beauty, but I put it here just to give you a small taste).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21.7.10 Triangle pendant for Einat - designed by Veres Zsuzsi

About two years ago, I reproduced Veres Zsuzsi' s Triangle which remained so long orphan in my beaded elements box.
My friend Einat once saw it and really loved it. That was a good solution to salvage this triangle, so I told myself I would one day offer it to her with an accompanying necklace.
The opportunity to see her arrived and I managed to bead the night just before our meeting a suiting necklace, also from Veres Zsuzsi' s original designs. I will repeat myself again, by I have to say I really deeply admire this woman and her incredible talent/creativity. I wonder how does she (and few other beaders that can be counted on one hand fingers) manages to be so creative, to bead as much as she does, to raise up children, preparing them stunning birthday cakes and probably much more, learning constantly new crafts and arts and also work. HOW??? It remains a giant mystery to me. I just wish I had this strength to bead more, to further express my creativity and well exploit my time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

30.5-11.7.10 Lotuses of the Nile Necklace designed by Melanie Potter

30.5-1.6.10, 19.6
Motivated by a friend, I also decided to challenge myself and try to bead Melanie Potter's Lotus flower, following her beautiful chevron stitch "wildflowers earrings" design, published in the Beadwork Magazine of April/May 2010 (pp.36-38).
The picture published in "beadweaving masters" (p.186) was my main guide, having in my mind to stick to the chevron stitch, along with "Riverlea beads" post.
After several trials and errors, when I was almost finished with what I thought was similar to the "Lotuses of the Nile", I discovered 2 wrong interpretations of mine with seed beads size and the fact that the lotus is dimensional and not flat. When I started all over again, I managed to accomplish something quiet similar.
I loved the balanced design, the color palettes and the integration of both.
I truly thank Melanie for the source of inspiration which also lead me to reproduce this necklace.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7.7.10 Dramatic Looped Band Bracelet designed by Connie Blachut

One rare night on which I couldn't fall asleep, I started the base for this beautiful "Dramatic Looped Band Bracelet" designed by Connie Blachut (B&B - Creative beading Volume 3, pp. 111-113). It didn't took so long and it was a fun as well as easy project. Although the color combination is strange, it fits quiet well to my shirt.

We came back from a very nice evening, after watching a show of the dancing group Meyoumana, called Momentum. Unfortunately, I lost the bracelet somewhere when back fto the car :-(
It's the first time I loose something I have beaded. Ouff... The magnetic clasp was apparently not strong enough to bear all this weight. Next time I have to use simpler metal clasps that can be reliable. :-(

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3.7.10 Victorian Diamonds Cuff Bracelet designed by Lisa Kan

I made this "Victorian Diamonds Cuff Bracelet " designed by by Lisa Kan (Bead Romantique, pp.116-123), following Isabella Lam's (Bead4me) bracelet (image 39/48) on her shop gallery of חוט השני . Thank you Orly for the indication!

The Clasp and Toggle are based on Herringbone and I really like them.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2.7.10 Tarte aux Pommes

and here is the link to the recipe