Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7.7.10 Dramatic Looped Band Bracelet designed by Connie Blachut

One rare night on which I couldn't fall asleep, I started the base for this beautiful "Dramatic Looped Band Bracelet" designed by Connie Blachut (B&B - Creative beading Volume 3, pp. 111-113). It didn't took so long and it was a fun as well as easy project. Although the color combination is strange, it fits quiet well to my shirt.

We came back from a very nice evening, after watching a show of the dancing group Meyoumana, called Momentum. Unfortunately, I lost the bracelet somewhere when back fto the car :-(
It's the first time I loose something I have beaded. Ouff... The magnetic clasp was apparently not strong enough to bear all this weight. Next time I have to use simpler metal clasps that can be reliable. :-(

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Kat_G said...

Fascinante creación, y sobre todo para combinar con la ropa jeje!!