Tuesday, July 29, 2008

28.7.08 Impossible Tetrahedron

Well Gwen, you encouraged me to try the impossible tetrahedron after the impossible triangle. I am not sure it is without mistakes.
Only you can tell ;-)
I had to do the the embellishing row in three sessions ?! Wasn't it supposed to be one session as in the impossible triangle?

Have a look on Gwen's impossible tetrahedron!

Monday, July 28, 2008

28.7.08 A surprise on a basil leaf

Apparently they are part of the Heteroptera suborder. Isn't it amazing?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

27.7.08 A dinner based on Purslane

During the weekend, we harvested dozens of figs from a neglected orchard in Bat Shlomo. We took a good amount of basil reserved for making some pesto and collected some purslane while cleaning the weeds from Omer's parents garden.

The Purslane served for a tasty omelet that Omer prepared, and an interesting alternative for the cucumber in our common salad.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

24.7.08 Brianna Necklace designed by Cheryl Assemi

I made this necklace following the Brianna necklace scheme in the "Beaded Elegance" book by Cheryl Assemi. I saw for the first time this beautiful necklace done by Mariko Yamamoto about more than a year and really wanted to make one. So here it comes...
These days, I am working on earrings to suit the necklace, which are in a continuous pattern and one needle rather than in 3 or 4 rows and 2 needles...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

22.7.08 Congratulations Omer!

A small present I designed for celebrating Omer's B.Sc.Agr!

20.7.08 Isalala Cabochon by Pencio

I haven't decided yet what to do with this Isalala, a design kindly shared by Pencio.

Maybe a ring or a pendant?!

The cabochon is beaded around one of the lampwork beads I got for my birthday.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

19.7.08 New plants from "Epiphit" Nursery

In the small heaven of the Epiphit Nursery, we took a Paphiopedilium orchid with a very delicate smell and a Drosera (Sundew) as our first carnivor plant.

Monday, July 14, 2008

14.7.08 Tesserae Earrings by Marcia Decoster

You can find the free instructions for these Tesserae Earrings, published in Beading-Daily, if you click here.
At the beginning, I thought the triangles were made by cubic RAW, but it's another interesting use of the RAW technique, by connecting two triangular sheets together.

Friday, July 11, 2008

11.7.08 Maggie's Earrings, designed by Sam Derrivan and Victoria Filarski

Those earrings were designed by Sam Derrivan and Victoria Filarski and the instructions were written by Carolyn DeGroff. It was published in the yahoo groups seedbeadersters and beadchat forum and each earring took me about two hrs.
I had to figure out some small corrections in the instruction's illustrations but the spiralic idea and the earring itself is beautiful!
Thank you Omer for taking all the great pictures ;-)

10.7.08 Two out of a Trio Earrings Designed by Robin Bergman

Yes, they are eccentric,
I know,
but I REALLY like them.
This "Trio of Earrings to mix and match", designed by Robin Bergman (a leading knitwear designer who unfortunately doesn't have a beadwork gallery), was my week project. It is taken from the "Art of Beadwork" book, written by Valerie Hector (that I can't stop blessing for her amazing work in this book), on p.146-147. Robin designed these asymetrical earrings inspired by the Mexican Huichol flower and arrow symbols. The huichol tradition is starting to fascinate me and I wish I could see soon, in live, their colourful, full of life beadworks.
I used 11/0 Czech seed beads instead of Delicas, flat coral beads, red flower beads and also C-lon thread for the ribon earring. Maybe one day I will make the third one...
I like so much the texture of the flower earring, it feels like moving pages of a book you read.
Robin, I thought I would be too lazy with all this square stitch project, but now I think I am less lazy than I thought ;-)
Thanks for sharing your design!
By the way, the ribon earring length without the earwire is 12cm length and the flower one is 5 cm.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

5.7.08 Beaded Pascua face inspired by Teresa Sullivan's Figures

Reminding me the Easter Island's Giant sculptured faces, I made this face following the recent article in Beading Daily, interviewing the talented artist Teresa Sullivan (very inspired by Joyce J. Scott's work).

I checked last week Teresa Sullivan's site and I wanted so much to assist her workshop. Unfortunately, till that day will come, I don't know if I'll still be beading :-)

So I took the picture showing some of her beaded figures and try to make one of them. This was the result and I thank you Smadar for encouraging me to read the article!

4.7.08 My Barbapapa Earrings

The idea came to me while sitting in a taxi car, about 2 weeks ago. The primary scheme was the following one:

This is the result:
I used beads which reminds me a lot of Barbapapa (or in hebrew - ברבאבא) figure and that's why I like to call them this way :-)

4.7.08 The Orchids set

To fit the ring I made last week I did a suiting necklace with a 15/0 orchid clasp and a new "pig tail" spiral, that popped up while beading with Varda several weeks ago.
The orchids are done following the scheme from the Beader's floral book by Liz Thornton and Jill Devon (p.74-75).

Friday, July 4, 2008

4.7.08 My version to Ruby's pattern for the Cecile's wheel bracelet

A circle is closed. I like the shade of these wheels...

Almost 1 1/2 years ago, in my very beginning with beadwork, I tried making Ruby's variation for Cecile's Wheel Free Pattern (also check Sandra D. Halpenny's variation with directions for a continuous method for making Cecile's wheel pattern). It came out a disaster. I didn't knew how to connect the wheels together. However, the motif was so nice that I hoped being able to make it one day properly. This day arrived and I could also proceed to make a continuous Cecile's wheel bracelet in another variation. I thank you Ruby and Cecile for sharing with us this pattern and all its interesting evolution!

I want to share with you my original trial that waited patiently in my D box and now can be cut to pieces with a peaceful decision, unless I keep it as a souvenir ???!

And to fully close the circle, I present you my version as a small contribution to the wonderful beadwork internet community:
[You can click on each image to enlarge its view.
The small dots are size 11 Seed Beads , whether the large ones are size 8].

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2-3.7.08 Deliciously Diagonal Beaded Bead Designed by Jessica Beels

The project "Deliciously Diagonal Beaded Bead Designed by Jessica Beels" appears in Beadwork Magazine, June-July 08 issue. However, notice that there are mistakes in the instructions (Fig. 5, you need to pass also through the last bead added in the previous raw and get up into the two diagonal extreme SBs). I succeeded making the croissant with the great help of the French forum , only after my fourth trial :-(
Anyway, I was very satisfied to have overcame it and succeeded getting this croissant shape finally, instead of the burekas ones...
Each earring is 7 cm long and takes between 1.5-2 hrs of work, if you understand well what to do.
Click here to see the corrections.