Friday, July 11, 2008

10.7.08 Two out of a Trio Earrings Designed by Robin Bergman

Yes, they are eccentric,
I know,
but I REALLY like them.
This "Trio of Earrings to mix and match", designed by Robin Bergman (a leading knitwear designer who unfortunately doesn't have a beadwork gallery), was my week project. It is taken from the "Art of Beadwork" book, written by Valerie Hector (that I can't stop blessing for her amazing work in this book), on p.146-147. Robin designed these asymetrical earrings inspired by the Mexican Huichol flower and arrow symbols. The huichol tradition is starting to fascinate me and I wish I could see soon, in live, their colourful, full of life beadworks.
I used 11/0 Czech seed beads instead of Delicas, flat coral beads, red flower beads and also C-lon thread for the ribon earring. Maybe one day I will make the third one...
I like so much the texture of the flower earring, it feels like moving pages of a book you read.
Robin, I thought I would be too lazy with all this square stitch project, but now I think I am less lazy than I thought ;-)
Thanks for sharing your design!
By the way, the ribon earring length without the earwire is 12cm length and the flower one is 5 cm.

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