Wednesday, September 29, 2010

24-25.9.10 Weekend in Revivim

Edna, Omer's aunt, kindly invited us for what became a wonderful and unforgettable weekend in the Kibbutz where she lives and know so well.

We had a warm reception in her modest apartment, full of books and interesting objects from distant places where she traveled to around the world.
We kept on to the shared dining room of the Kibbutz, for Friday evening supper. From there, we had a visit to the local dairy followed by a private guided tour in different parts of the Kibbutz.

Early morning on Saturday, Edna took us to the olive nursery where she is working during weekdays. It was incredible to discover how many different occupations she was involved in during her stay in the kibbutz. It makes her life so various and interesting! This is really to admire when you see such knowledgeable people. For example, you can show her any plant you wish to and she will know to tell you what it is and how it is called.

From the nursery, we then arrived to some olive orchards where the lilies (חבצלות) were blooming.

Omer caught me chasing after a small praying mantis :-)

There are a variety of Ficus planted near the nursery and we could see also some abandoned greenhouses of the kibbutz that primarily served for lilies (שושנים) hydroponics.
The breakfast menu was: fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, Zaatar herb, excellent local olive oil, omelette with onions and Yami local "Hana Cheese" with olives and chives or with nigella seeds!
There are several parcs in the Kibbuts. One is the fruit trees parc with a small lilies hill. The other, is the parc of the intersecting trees (גן העצים המשתלבים) of Aharon Nave. The following pictures are only a small sample of this interesting art.

After fascinating talks about some of Edna's trips around the worls, we saw some pictures she took there. I was especially amazed of the Bolivian Uyuni white desert and the nice photo montage you can play with there.
Finally, at sunset, Edna took us to the Cactus and succulent parc to see a vast array of nature wonder with the artistic intervention of a member of the kibbutz, which I forgot the name.
We had to come back home, but I really wish to go back again to Revivim and see in more depth this cactus parc and the whole kibbutz.
In such a small place, it is amazing how many things there are to see and enjoy, no wonder Edna is so much connected to this place.

Friday, September 17, 2010

17.9.10 Experimenting with 5 based braided Challah

There is a great demonstration of braiding different braided Challah (3-4-5-6) by a Dutch baker.
If you like baking, I really recommend you to check this video.
I encountered it on Maryline Ayalon amazing and inspiring blog, Ma Blogeria. She also prepares extraordinary and very creative Challah.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

4.9.10 Starbust hotpad by Loretta Schepp

Many thanks to Loretta Schepp for sharing this beautiful crochet pattern for free. Click here for additional variations on Ravelry.

4.9.10 Columbines Brooches for Liliane and Claire

2 more "crochet bouquet" columbine flowers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)...