Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10.9 - 30.11.10 Ming the Grumpy Old Bear - designed by Susan B. Anderson

My mom kept with her from Algeria, a very old teddy bear she got in her childhood, that she used to call "Ming". The bear is about 60 years old now.

When I saw the cute grumpy old bear designed by Susan B. Anderson in her book "Itty-Bitty Nursery" pp.18-20, it very much reminded me of Ming.
For my little poupik growing inside, I decided to knit him this tiny bear. It came out about a third of the original Ming size. I need to take a picture of both of them together one day.
I used 3mm size needles and hook for the knitting and assembling, while I finally managed to sew all parts when coming back from Lyon, after having this project on hold for months, because I just hate the sewing part.
More information, can be found here.

The legs came out distorted, but I am too lazy to unpick them now. What I like in this bear is its face expression.

As promised, during this weekend, I finally pictured the source of inspiration for Ming Senior and Ming Junior.

20.8.11 Eshchar having some fun with Ming Junior. First hug to the teddy bear.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23.11.10 31st Surprise Birthday in Neve Shalom Forest

That is how my dear husband surprised me for my 31st birthday.
The "baladi" eggplant and giant tomatoes on the grill where just delicious!
By the way, this was the first time I finally wore Huib's autumn glory necklace that I beaded a while ago.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

20.11.10 Yaar Bnei Brit, Harei Yeuda

Doesn't this trunk look like tasty golden toffee sweet?

This is a gall on a sage bush. I see an elegant queen.

and this is what we saw when we cut it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10-11.1.11 Sweet-pea in a pod hat by Natalie Larson

Instructions for the Sweet-pea in a pod, can be found here.
I used Size 3-6 month, Needles 5.0 mm and 3.75 mm.

Using 5mm circular needles, I made the casting on for the 3-6 months size, however knitted up to 4.5’. Then for the decrease, I added a Knit round after Round 5 and 8. 

With a separate thread I made the vines, using circular needles of 3.75mm size. In the Peas instructions, Row 1 should be Kf&b&f instead of Kf&b twice, so that it will sum up to 3 sts. I didn’t like the vines and peas result, even if they are smaller in proportion than in the original design. Seems too messy. 

I thought that the open “Peas in a Pod” by Hansi Singh might fit better, but here too, even using size 2mm dpn, the peapod came out too big comparing the hat and I still don’t like it this way.