Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mom & I and new visitors

Woow, I am so happy! I have new visitors from Mexico?! Brazil?! Italy?! And some more in Europe which I cannot well identify. I welcome you very warmly to jump bye to my blog and leave me a note or just say hello!

OK, so now to this piece. I finished it today, though I think it is not so aesthetic and I have much to learn about bead embroidery, but it is my first embroidery and freeform piece. So, I am quiet satisfied with it and I am awaiting impatiently to buy Heidi F Kummli & Sherry Serafini's new book about embroidery. It should be in press by October 2007.

I made this piece, while reading the book of Robin Atkins "One bead at a time". Before reading it, I was a bit frightened to have made a wrong decision regarding buying this book. Since I ordered it through the net, I didn't know what was inside. When I got it, it was a small book with no schemes and no instructions, big font and nice images. Today, I can say I do not regret to have bought it. It made me make the step to create a freeform and something completely out of my head. It is a big achievement even if the result is not yet perfect :)

It is about my relationship with mom. I think the colours symbolize the complexity :), but I'll leave that self analysis. Robin says that it's better not to try to analyze what does that mean. The making itself is healing.

I try to believe her.

Choco-Vanilla Ice Cream Bracelet and ring

This time, straight from the freezer. I must admit that the seed beads were awful! Especially the chocolate beads, they broke every 3 beads that I took. It was hard and I didn't have the patience to make the whole necklace out of it. Not to tell you that I confused the colours. I wanted it exactly the opposite, but nevermind.

Considering I started a new work on Wednesday and I had no much time (I have to get myself use to the morning hours), I feel good to have done it.

Let's say it took me in total between 4-5 hours with all these beads I had to repair again and again. So I prefer to call it an experience on a choco-vanilla ice cream, getting myself prepared to the summer.

So here is the link to the Czech site, if you like the scheme:

Meanwhile, I am waiting for quality seed beads, that I order with Maayan's commune.

Monday, May 14, 2007

My purple Ootheca ring

My purple Ootheca cuff and ring

I have to thank first two girls from my beads' commune (Orna77, bhs) who uncredibly decrypted how to make this cuff. Special thanks to Orna77 for the help. This cuff was originally designed by Rachel Nelson Smith. You should look how wonderful colours she uses for this cuff. What a patience!

She did 10 of them and she has a wrist larger then I have in more then about 25%! To me it took about 29 hrs to make the cuff with its clasp, while the ring took me an hour. So in total, I spent with this meditating cuff about 30 hrs. It is a madness... If I want to do a painstaking work or a meticulous work, I can. The question is if I have a personal interest to do it...

The ring was my adaptation to suit the cuff. Later on, I found out that Rachel herself is so fond of this cubic pattern, that she did all kinds of beaded beads with it. I calculated that she must had spent beetween 300 to 500 hrs making this shape, over and over again, just using different colours. Unless she has some dwarfs working for her...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some more pictures from the exhibition

30.4.07 My first exhibition/selling!!!!

I want to thank all the people who came and encouraged me and a special thanks to Mom and Omer, who were there for me.
I finally did it!
Hope next time more people will come...
What do you think of the small ring boxes, aren't they sweet candies?

Blue lacery ring

An Embroidery pendant

From my head, encouraged by the book "One bead at a time" by Robin Atkins.

Czech Earrings

Russian Leaf Earrings

From the book: "Peyote stitch beading projects", published by B&B

A serie of round lace rings, with and without swarovski crystals

A towel spiral - 10 hrs of work

A suiting cross necklace for the bracelet

Two new cross bracelets

Two new round lace bracelets