Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mom & I and new visitors

Woow, I am so happy! I have new visitors from Mexico?! Brazil?! Italy?! And some more in Europe which I cannot well identify. I welcome you very warmly to jump bye to my blog and leave me a note or just say hello!

OK, so now to this piece. I finished it today, though I think it is not so aesthetic and I have much to learn about bead embroidery, but it is my first embroidery and freeform piece. So, I am quiet satisfied with it and I am awaiting impatiently to buy Heidi F Kummli & Sherry Serafini's new book about embroidery. It should be in press by October 2007.

I made this piece, while reading the book of Robin Atkins "One bead at a time". Before reading it, I was a bit frightened to have made a wrong decision regarding buying this book. Since I ordered it through the net, I didn't know what was inside. When I got it, it was a small book with no schemes and no instructions, big font and nice images. Today, I can say I do not regret to have bought it. It made me make the step to create a freeform and something completely out of my head. It is a big achievement even if the result is not yet perfect :)

It is about my relationship with mom. I think the colours symbolize the complexity :), but I'll leave that self analysis. Robin says that it's better not to try to analyze what does that mean. The making itself is healing.

I try to believe her.


Bénédicte said...

Bonjour de France,
J'aime beaucoup ton collier très coloré, très ludique et rempli de symboles !

Robin said...

Judith! This is a fabulous start!!! It looks like you have been doing improvisational bead embroidery for a long time. Yay!!! Thanks for your nice remarks about my book, One Bead at a Time. I'm very happy it works for you. Happy beading!