Saturday, March 28, 2009

28.3.09 "Oh My Stars Necklace" designed by Diane Fitzgerald

I reproduced one star from the "Oh My Stars Necklace" designed by Diane Fitzgerald.
This is going to be my present for Mazal, for this Pesach evening.
I hope she will like it.

:-) She likes it very much

See also Andrea's one.

The necklace broke so I replaced it by an twisting Herringbone spiral.

Friday, March 27, 2009

27.3.09 Last Iris for this season in the "Iris hills" (Nes-Ziona)

This year, as opposed to the last one, we missed the irises, but there was one beautiful left. Omer caught a Phoracantha recurva beetle on my hairs, while resting under an Eucalyptus and was very satisfied to discover that they had started their activity this season.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25.3.09 Vezsuzsi RAW Flower Power

I made this RAW flower following Vezsuzsi's ones: "Raw-virág..." and "Kérésre..."
It took me about 6 hrs and I think it will suit very much as a ring, but I need to work on it.
I am full of admiration for Vezsuzsi. She is so talented, original and creative. Visit her beautiful blog as well as her new etsy shop.

25.3.09 Sleepy Sarah for Pnina

Cute Sleepy Sarah took me about 4 hrs to complete. You can find the free pattern on owlishly's blog. I also recommend you to check the Sleepy Sarah Rainbow made by 5minutes.

I got recently a nice picture from Pnina, that I thought would be nice to share with you. Sarah is in good hands :-) and she is sleeping well.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

22.3.09 Inspired by the "Butterflies Galore"

Too lazy to make the "Butterflies Galore" bracelet designed by Suzan Mandel (Bead and Button Magazine, April 2009, Issue 90, p. 66-69), I turned it to an individual butterfly. I like its body. Now I need to think of a composition and try to make additional ones.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

15.3.09 Water lily

The "Water lily" instructions appear in "The Beader's Floral" p.34-35.
I didn't enjoy making it. 5 hrs of annoying square stitch with a 15 needle.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11.3.09 Owlishly's " Laura Beth amigurumi" Doll

I finally finished this cute "Laura Beth dressed as a ladybird amigurumi doll". It is the first doll I am making and I think it can suit well for a key chain. The finishes were the hard part for me in this project (as in many others).
I bought the pattern from Mia Zamora-Johnson's Owlishly Etsy Shop. I recommend you to visit the shop, it has plenty of cute amigurumi dolls' crochet patterns that she designs so creatively. In her interesting blog, check her cute free pattern for Sleepy Sarah amigurumi.
I am very satisfied with the pattern, it's very clear and well explained and the things that I didn't know/understand - I just asked and got very helpful and quick answers.
Thank you Mia!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10.3.09 Having fun at the Botanic Garden of Jerusalem


My adorable nephews: Tamar, Sarah and Raphael.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

4.3.09 Funny Coincidation

I had a great day today, full of adventures :-)
It started with this strange coincidation, when I was looking on the map of Tel-Aviv/Ramat Gan to plan my itinerary. I suddenly saw that there is a street called Judith overthere, but this is not so exciting because also in Jerusalem you will find a Judith St and probably also in other cities of Israel. The exciting thing was that it meets the Beads St which is just next to the "Beads Park"???!!! Haaaaahhh...?I haven't been yet to any of these places, but this is quiet amusing. Additionally, it is approximate to the prestigious Shenkar art School!
I am too lazy to tell the rest, I guess it's not so interesting for you either. Just to summarize that I was really happy and surprised to find some beads I had asked to order from a bead shop in Ramat Gan and never been notified they had arrived. I found cool clothes in ridiculous prices and now I have a new set of vivid clothes in my guarderobe, for winter AND summer ( need to make some room for these ;-) ) lime green, witch purple, peach etc... Youpi :-)

Ciao for the moment dear friends!

Monday, March 2, 2009

2.3.09 Omer Acorn Earflap Hat

Inside-out and outside-inOmer asked me to make him an acorn hat. So I started my first trial on it on the 1st of February. I worked for days, decreasing towards the inside. Aposteriori I understood that was the reason why I encountered too many bumps and problems. Omer wasn't satisfied with the result and I was too exhausted from the unsuccsseful creation.
I didn't gave up and tried again, after making the last pink hat. This time it went much much better and quicker. I am quiet satisfied with the result, though the hat looks a bit funny. It's unisex and can be worn as well on the wrong side (inside-out).