Monday, June 29, 2009

20.6.09 Medallion Motif Scarf

I began this great Medallion Motif Scarf one day before flying to Zurich. It was a perfect project for the time spent on the flight and at the airport. I also had much fun crocheting with a 8mm hook!
It is very hard to photograph the scarf and the best way to understand how it looks is to visit the free project page on Lion Brand website (though the Motif I got is smaller than the ones that appears on the blond girl there). Maybe when winter comes and I have a better picture, I'll post it here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

27.6.09 Corsage Rose Flower for Pierrette

My aunt Pierrette is a very crafty and artistic woman. Only when she got retired, she really started developing all her crafty skills and I have been always admiring her for that and for the way her house looked like and is still looking. It is a real small museum.
Pierrette made for me a while ago a tobleron sewing box from cartonnage, including all the needed utensils. I strongly felt I wanted to share with her my gratitude for her kindness.
Since I am in my "crocheting" madness period, I made her this Corsage rose flower that I already made in the past, but this time, I wasn't lazy to check my first 87 chains - so it went smooth :-)
I remind you, if you look for the instructions for this Corsage Flower, you will find it in "The Crochet Bible" book by Sue Whiting, p.118.
Mom also really helped me getting a button to decorate the center and I am glad I can announce this unfinished project as FINISHED! ( I had the flower strip ready since February maybe?!).

Merci Pierrette!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

20.6.09 Crocheted Baby Double Strap Booties by SylverDesigns (Size 3)

Here is the 2nd pair I was talking about. It's the same cotton thread type ( 50 gr for 125 m), size 4 mm hook and the booties are 10 cm length (size 3).
My intention is to give them to Dori, our friend's baby, which is celebrating now 1 year old. The question is again "will it fit" ?
OK, I know, worst case, someone else will benefit...

Anyway, Dad gave me those gorgeous blue shoemakers last forms when he saw all these booties and I am sure it's going to be very helpful for the next ones I am going to crochet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

12-13.6.09 Crocheted Baby Double Strap Booties by SylverDesigns for Jade Doriane

I very much enjoyed crocheting this Sylver Designs design of Booties for the exciting upcoming birth of my cousin Alexandra. Hope it will fit the new born lady and won't be too small...
They are made out of a cotton thread ( 50 gr for 125 m), size 3 mm hook and are about 5 cm length (the size 0 month option). I already made a second pair, but this time bigger ones (size 3) for a baby boy. I will post them as soon as I picture them.

2nd July
She came out! Her name is Jade Doriane. Sounds a very special name for a very special young lady.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

7.6.09 A Dragonfly for Omer's new Hat

Omer wanted to distinguish his hat from his friend's one. He asked me to make him a dragonfly, so we chose together the dragonfly "Agrion Eclatant" from Marie-Claude Burel's book - "Petites Betes en Perles - 30 Insectes Et Araignees En Perles De Rocaille", pp.28-29.
Omer chose all the colors and beads. He asked me to make some small variations that I did and he took it to sew it to his new special hat... :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2.6.09 A Black Cabochon Ring for Nicole, inspired from ILDESs' Yasmine Ring

It's been a while that I wanted to try Ildes' Yasmine Ring, that I saw first on Zuzzl blog, as the impressing Zuzzl's Stelle di Natale set. Now I had the occasion to kill 2 or 3 birds in one shot. I started with the help of Suzi S. and then kept on with the pictures of Zuzzl and Ildes to decipher the ring but to adapt it to the only black rivoli I had which was 13mm, to make a black cabochon ring I promessed to my cousin Nicole about 2 years ago. It is based on 5 bumps instead of 6, in order to fit the Rivoli ( I started with 30 11 delicas to form the peyote first ring).
I don't know if it should look like this from the back side, but that is my guess.
Hope she will like it...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2.6.09 Royal Ring Designed by Elizabeth Pullan

Orly addressed my attention to the odd account herringbone stitch, which I have already experienced recently but found nice to practice it with this beautiful Royal Ring by Elizabeth Pullan. This is also the first time I encounter the term of odd count herringbone stitch.
The project appears for free on the bead and button site and is worthwhile.
It took me 4 hrs of work and I have some remarks to whoever would like to try it:

1. There is a wrong side and right side of the herringbone tube that should be noticed. The third column without the connector should point out. The external column of the 3 herringbone spiral should point in.

2. For the cabochon wrapping, if using a Rivoli 14 mm, the last innest 15 seed beads row is: peyote twice 1 bead and skip one bead - repeat 6 times ( you add 12 beads in total for this step).

3. The connector is 5 rounds and then a picot and not as written "6 rounds" after repeating 4 times.

4. When connecting the 3mm bicones, we should skip one bead in peyote row sense, this means between 2-3 beads in fact, to get a total of 18 3mm beads (I used triangular 8/0 beads).

Last, thank you Namib Zebra for the nice Rivoli.