Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2.6.09 Royal Ring Designed by Elizabeth Pullan

Orly addressed my attention to the odd account herringbone stitch, which I have already experienced recently but found nice to practice it with this beautiful Royal Ring by Elizabeth Pullan. This is also the first time I encounter the term of odd count herringbone stitch.
The project appears for free on the bead and button site and is worthwhile.
It took me 4 hrs of work and I have some remarks to whoever would like to try it:

1. There is a wrong side and right side of the herringbone tube that should be noticed. The third column without the connector should point out. The external column of the 3 herringbone spiral should point in.

2. For the cabochon wrapping, if using a Rivoli 14 mm, the last innest 15 seed beads row is: peyote twice 1 bead and skip one bead - repeat 6 times ( you add 12 beads in total for this step).

3. The connector is 5 rounds and then a picot and not as written "6 rounds" after repeating 4 times.

4. When connecting the 3mm bicones, we should skip one bead in peyote row sense, this means between 2-3 beads in fact, to get a total of 18 3mm beads (I used triangular 8/0 beads).

Last, thank you Namib Zebra for the nice Rivoli.

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