Saturday, June 20, 2009

20.6.09 Crocheted Baby Double Strap Booties by SylverDesigns (Size 3)

Here is the 2nd pair I was talking about. It's the same cotton thread type ( 50 gr for 125 m), size 4 mm hook and the booties are 10 cm length (size 3).
My intention is to give them to Dori, our friend's baby, which is celebrating now 1 year old. The question is again "will it fit" ?
OK, I know, worst case, someone else will benefit...

Anyway, Dad gave me those gorgeous blue shoemakers last forms when he saw all these booties and I am sure it's going to be very helpful for the next ones I am going to crochet.


Christine said...

These baby shoes are just so adorable! Wonderful work!!

I have never seen shoe maker forms like this. Could you tell me where one could purchase something like this? I did a search but could not come up with anything. I would love to make some shoes like this for my future daughter which we are about to adopt from China. ;o )

judith27k said...

Dear Christine,

Your Drawings are absolutely stunning and I am especially fond of your nature drawings. What a nice surprise to discover your blog. You are a very talented artist and now you made me curious of the jewels you also create.

Anyway, to answer your question. These shoemaker's last are apparently a gift that my Dad received from a medical representative about 30 years ago, while practicing in France. There is no trademark left on the last, maybe only this form of bird flying, that I don't know whoes logo it represents. I also made a search in Google with several keywords, in English and in French, but couldn't find anything similar or relevant enough.
Your comment touched me and I wish you all the best with the adoption of that little girl. I am willing to help you as much as I can with the details about the materials I used and sizes I got, upon your request. If you know the size of the child's feet, you can ask the expert, which is Sylverdesign and I am sure she can give you some hints and tips for the yarn and hook to use in order to get a specific shoe size, with all her experience. Also remember there is some flexibility of the size of the shoe since it is made of yarn and if you crochet not too dense you can play a bit with it.
You can feel free to contact me through email for any additional info: judith27k at
Finally, each shoe took me MAX 3 hrs of work so in worth case you can make several pairs :-)



Christine said...

Thank you Judy! I just sent an e-mail.