Friday, January 25, 2008

"Ram's Horn Shell Bead" designed by Sharon Bateman

After a long struggle and several trials, I finally succeeded to make a "Ram's Horn Shell Bead". This bead was remarkably designed by Sharon Bateman and the explanations appears in the book "The art of beaded beads, exploring design, color and technique"(Jean Campbell) p.86-89.
It was a very challenging project in which I used Matsuno and Toho 11' seed beads and it took me about three hrs. Whoever intends to try it, please remember it's important to start the spiral in the correct direction, otherwise it's a mess.
The colours I used for this beaded shell won't suit a jewel (or maybe it can?! I don't see how...), but it can just stand as a beaded sculpture.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Narcist Asteride - After metamorphosis

During a hike in Nahal Peres, in the south-west of the Dead Sea, we met some camels.
Here is one smiling to you :)

When we got back, I finally finished my metamorphosed asteride bracelet and it became full of colourful daffodils.
The daffodils are done following "3-D Beaded Daffodils by Emily Hackbarth":

I found a daffodil I did about a year ago with Chinese seed beads and simple fishing thread. It took me then at least three hrs if not more. The beads were exploding all the time and the thread was too thick. I had many many difficulties with it and it was a real achievement to finish it then. It took me one year to recover from the horrible experience with those Chinese seed beads. This time, I did the daffodils with Matsuno and Toho 11 seed beads. The yellow and hot pink Matsuno were behaving so badly I had to use a 15' needle. When I was really efficient, I managed to finish one daffodil in 1 3/4 hr. An additional conclusion, is that it is better to use a monofiber nylon thread to make the yellow center of the daffodils so that it can stand stiff and not fold itself.

I also finally found a home to the bumble bee I showed you lately:
The bumble bee scheme appears in Marie-Claude Burel's book - "Petites Betes en Perles - 30 Insectes Et Araignees En Perles De Rocaille" p.58-59 (Bourdon Terrestre).

After some shots of the bracelet I encountered a couple of butterflies having some fun together. Aren't they nice?

12.1.08 Yelona Asteride - Before Metamorphosis

This bracelet is very popular among the French bead forum. The scheme was designed by Yelona and kindly shared in the Forum. Yelona's original Bracelet Asteride Bracelet Scheme

It took me about 25mn for each square when I was very efficient. I think in total the bracelet took me about 6 hrs.
I started with Bumble gum and Pistachio colours that I like very much, only that these colours doesn't suit at all my skin colour.
Thanks to Varda, I got an idea to embellish it so that it can be wearable also for me.
The embellishments are almost ready and I will soon publish my final version to the famous Asteride bracelet.

Monday, January 7, 2008

6.1.08 A study in design

The process:
The final result:

I wanted to make for Frida a small present for her Birthday. I thought it was today, but actually it is on the 10.1.08. I also wanted it to be ready yesterday - but it didn't came out.
Without Omer, I would never get myself to start neither end this study. I call it now a "study" in order to try to remain positive (I am very unsatisfied about the way it sits on the body and the final result is disappointing).
I wanted to make something simple but nice and somehow I always find myself complicating things.
Frida gave me few months ago some jewels she doesn't wear anymore and she told me I can use the beads for my fun. I unpicked the jewels and there contained mainly 3 kinds of beads: peach corals, died turquoise stones (?) and also pearls. The pearls in this study are from one of those necklaces.
In my last job, Frida was picking me up almost every morning and mostly keeping me sane in this insane place we were working at. I prefer not to detail the funny and horrible stories here. I really feel grateful for her and I had fun to take a drive with her, often listening to "Varda-Raziel Jackond" Radio program and just chatting together.
I don't know what will be the end of the story, will this be a present for Frida or will it be buried in my "depression box"? (The "depression box", is the name I gave the box with all the unfinished projects or projects to be unpicked. In future, I will divide into three boxes: one box for stuff to be unpicked, one box for projects to be redone with better colours/ uniformed seed beads and one box with elements to be repaired). I would gladly replace my "depression box" with the Jar that David Chatt has in his studio - with all kind of seed beads candies and ideas. I admire him so much!
OK, so if you liked it, this is the moment to encourage me, before I break my head to think what special present I can make for Frida. For the moment, I really thank Omer for encouraging me during the whole day (and also helping me with the designing) but I still feel disappointed. Maybe tomorrow I will woke up differently??!

4.1.08 Third Saraguro Workshop

I took some pictures from the last workshop I gave on a nice Friday morning.
My grandma has always been saying that I have a "stomach memory" (I remember events according to the food I ate there). Also here, each one brought something nice to eat but there was one very special Salad I really liked. It is made of chickpeas grains, cumin grains, red capsicum, parsley, sunflower seeds, home-made burgundy olives, lemon juice, salt, pepper, red paprika, cumin and I am sure I forgot something. I hope to get the recipe.

One of the students, Sima (ימהS), a multiartistic woman, who does among other things wonderful felt creations, has finished very shortly a beautiful Hojas bracelet.

In this workshop some of the girls worked with size 10 or 9 seed beads for the drop earring and I think it looks very nice on them. The 11 seed beads can be too small or too delicate to my opinion.

1.1.08 Happy New year 2008 and Origami jewelry!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 ! ! !

This small paper bead (In this picture the hole doesn't appear yet) was a small trial to decipher the AMAZING and GENIUS jewelry made by Frucci (Francesca Vitali).
It all began when our wonderful Suzi was looking for new ideas for the beading issues corners she is preparing for us. I told her that maybe origami jewelry issue can be overviewed.
The idea came after I encountered one day a free project on the net that I would like to do:
Few days ago, Suzi prepared a exciting corner on paper jewelry
I found there the link to Frucci designs and I was just amazed.
Frucci is not only a scientist (chemist), she is also a paper jewelry designer, italian (!), talented artist and seems to be a funny and happy person. I absolutely agree with her self-description of being also an "alchemist". Woow, she is creative and uses what looks to be simple modules - but they are not. My trial to decipher her beads failed this time. I still don't know if it is modular (i.e. 4 stripes) or with a pure origami square.
I left this paper bead and moved on to elephants.
In "Origami Design Secrets" by Robert J. Lang (a must book to read and understand, in the list "to do" before I die) p.44, the scheme to the elephant appears.
These elephants are part of an unfinished idea/project and maybe only serve as an experience. It is not evident at all to create jewelry from paper and therefore again I admire Frucci and wonder how exactly she is working.