Monday, January 7, 2008

1.1.08 Happy New year 2008 and Origami jewelry!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 ! ! !

This small paper bead (In this picture the hole doesn't appear yet) was a small trial to decipher the AMAZING and GENIUS jewelry made by Frucci (Francesca Vitali).
It all began when our wonderful Suzi was looking for new ideas for the beading issues corners she is preparing for us. I told her that maybe origami jewelry issue can be overviewed.
The idea came after I encountered one day a free project on the net that I would like to do:
Few days ago, Suzi prepared a exciting corner on paper jewelry
I found there the link to Frucci designs and I was just amazed.
Frucci is not only a scientist (chemist), she is also a paper jewelry designer, italian (!), talented artist and seems to be a funny and happy person. I absolutely agree with her self-description of being also an "alchemist". Woow, she is creative and uses what looks to be simple modules - but they are not. My trial to decipher her beads failed this time. I still don't know if it is modular (i.e. 4 stripes) or with a pure origami square.
I left this paper bead and moved on to elephants.
In "Origami Design Secrets" by Robert J. Lang (a must book to read and understand, in the list "to do" before I die) p.44, the scheme to the elephant appears.
These elephants are part of an unfinished idea/project and maybe only serve as an experience. It is not evident at all to create jewelry from paper and therefore again I admire Frucci and wonder how exactly she is working.

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