Sunday, December 30, 2007

29.12.07 Ogalala Lace

When I saw Smadar's post:

Smadar wrote there it took her 3 hrs only to make this beautiful lace that I actually saw and even touched :). I also saw the beautiful creme one that made"Little woman in the street" with very special fossils. I then thought to myself, it is such a nice necklace and it would be a great project for a beading evening.

I felt challenged by that and I started the lace with Smadar's help, based on "Little woman in the street" verbal instructions. Only that to me, the whole thing took 8 1/2 hrs! (I reinforced the necklace at the 8mm beads level, but still it's 3 times more??!)
I don't have an explanation for that, it remains to me a mystery. Anyway, the important thing is that the lace was ready in the last minute to be worn for the meal we had for "Leah and Michael's AP wedding". Hou... (Thanks to Omer that encouraged me to finish it and he also deserves the credit for that picture).

Later on, Smadar explained to me one of her tricks in order to make the lace shorter in time.
She worked with Fireline thread, Miyuki 11 seed beads and didn't pull the thread after each stringing, but only when she got to the middle of the necklace. It can save a lot of time!
I worked with Toho Burgundy G thread, 11 Toho seed beads and a normal needle from which the thread very often slipped out. The big beads I used are pseudopearls, of about 8mm height.
Next time, it's worth to try this trick, but it should be done with a thread that one cannot tear.

For such a necklace as I did - one should take into account about 50gr of 11 seed beads and 33 pseudopearls for a total length of 48cm [I meant the necklace to be 41cm in total and therefore strung 55cm of 11 seed beads in the first step (30% more than intended length), but the total length came out 48cm, considering I strung 2 seed beads, 1 pseudopearl and 2 seed beads in the last step].

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