Sunday, December 2, 2007

1.12.07 Marcelle Hadar's Hojas Bracelet

This Hojas bracelet will now be the 6th within the last 40 days. It was done by Marcelle Hadar, who has very neat works with very good choices of colors. This bracelet reminds me of a pistachio and chocolate ice cream. I also wanted to show it in the context of the accumulating Hojas bracelets we have now, in a Flickr collage slideshow, but I discovered I cannot do that since I don't have the "pro" account.

I have been starting to work on a very fun project. I won't tell you yet what it is. I can only tell it starts with an O and ends with an A. Any guess? - But even if you are right, I can't tell you because I want it to be a surprise.
The thing is I may need to buy a delica color that I don't have for that project and I hope it won't take too long till I get it.
Meanwhile I keep working on it... Ciao!

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rivka said...

Hi Judith,
My name is Rita Ladenheim, I just came upon your blog by accident. I in fact did make the flower necklace on the cover of Fire Mountain Gems catalogue. Karen Paust is also one of my favorite beaders. My piece was inspired by her work. I would love to correspond with you. My e-mail address is:
I visited Israel many many years ago. I went to Yeshiva in NY and may have retained some of my hebrew.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Rita (Rivka)