Monday, December 17, 2007

17.12.07 I had a most EXCITING visit today of 2 surprising fabulous Israeli bead artists

Varda and Pnina visit

I can't tell you how much happy and excited I am, especially I didn't woke up that way...

Two FABULOUS women came today to visit me. They brought with them so much positive energies to me. I cannot even describe it. Colours, light, life, creativity and happiness.
I just feel in High.

Where to start from? - I had a most wonderful evening with 2 very modest bead artists, who has unfortunately no blog and no site I can send you to. I feel so ashamed I cannot share with you a link to visit their work that I had the honour to actually see!
I never saw beadworks in Israel in that level. Their names are Varda and Pnina.
I wish I could learn from their creativity!

The time passed so quickly and we had so many things to talk about. Each piece that Varda brought was so interesting, creative and colourful. She just plays with beads.
I must also describe you that both had a very special coat. Varda had a grass-green fleece and burgundy synthetic fur, while Pnina had a pine-green very well cut coat.

They even taught me how to make a crochet bead spiral and now I have homeworks to do.

This visit was a wonderful and unexpected surprise for this day and I really hope to meet them again.

Varda and Pnina surprised me and they both took the Hojas Saraguro Collar pattern from Chris Prussing. It is amusing because today I saw 3 Israeli pieces of Saraguro beadwork, not from my students. The Saraguro technique is expending itself!

I took a picture of Varda's Hojas collar piece, made with 11 Czech seed beads for the band and 11 Mate Opaque Matsuno seed beads for all the rest:

Varda also sent me a picture of the Hojas Drop Earring she made:

Pnina sent me pictures of the Saraguro Hojas Collar she did. You can see how beautifully it evolved:

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zebra said...

I sure like the narrower version of Pnina`s Saraguro Hojas Collar!
Great beading ladies :-)