Sunday, July 29, 2007

David Chatt - no need to spend words on this genious I admire

Published two weeks ago in Louise Hill Design Blog and I can watch it over and over again.

Just watch and enjoy...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I offer you a margarita - after a long time of drought

Few months ago, I wanted to make a bracelet that would suit an orange T-shirt that I like very much, that I bought last summer.
A month ago, I finally dare to start. I started making the first flower and it was awful.
I don't know why I kept on, but I did.
The second flower came out perfect. I was so astonished from my own beading.
How could it be? It's the same beads, the same thread, the same person, the same hands? The only thing that differs was my mood/patience/path thread.
So, after the second flower - I was optimistic.
However, the third, fourth and so on till the eighth flower came out quite ugly.
I still made them because I convinced myself - there was something charming in the asymmetric, crazy and unobedient flowers. It is alive!
When I started to connect them I got stuck and I needed to make some more flowers since I didn't take into account that the flowers had dimensions and though my hand is small, it still required some more length - more than I assumed primarily.
At that point, I decided I didn't like it enough this way and I'll start allover from the beginning.
To encourage myself - I made a ring from the "perfect" second flower that I made.
This way, I started making 8 flowers from the beginning. Each took me about 50 minutes to 1 hr approximately. Of course, it wasn't on one day.
When I got to connecting them - I wasn't sure I wanted it as the first trial and I finally decided to connect them in zig-zag.
I also prepared separately a clasp. It is a flower clasp that should suit the bracelet. I wasn't sure if the colours that I did and the form suit the bracelet.
The dilemmas were being overcooked in my head. I was so tired from having to decide that I finally just connected it.
In fact it came out a 2-sided bracelet. I find it very festive from the face.
This morning, I woke up and did my best to picture the bracelet and the ring with the light beams of 7 o'clock. I realized here again an idea that came to me a long ago, on this nice true flowers, which reminds me of Marguerites. Shame on me, I have a master degree in Plant sciences and I don't know the name of it... But don't confuse: plant sciences and botanics are two different things, as an electronic engineer and an electrician are.