About Me

In February 2006, towards the end of my studies for M.Sc in Plant Sciences, I found some internal peace turning out pieces of newspapers and assembling them together into mosaics, making greeting cards or just posters.
When summer came and my M.Sc was behind, I spent some time with my grandma in Bayonne (France), the city  where she was born, that she loved so much.
On the last day of my stay there, I came across amazing cardboard furnitures made by the artist Véronique Erramuzpe. They were so colorful, original and positive! One of my dreams at that time was to have a cardboard furniture when I will become an  adult. Now that I became such and couldn't allow buying one of those miraculous furnitures, I had to try and make one myself :-) Indeed, few days later, I managed to find allover Paris, the last copy of an instruction book on this creative and practical craft.
Around October 2006,  while trying to find a new living other than research, after acquainting some experience with the cardboard furniture, I thought of creating jewelry out of the cardboard. Very quickly, I felt restrained of being able to express what I wanted the jewelry to look like. Internet was such a perfect blessing to slake my thirst of knowledge in this world of Beadwork. It took me several months to learn most of the beadwork techniques, along with the Internet and some American books.
From there on, beadwork became an important part of my life. Not a living, but a wonderful hobby, a therapy, a challenge, a fun and an obsession.
As my good virtual beadwork friend, Ronit Florence, uses to say: "I have 3 mutually exclusive but related hobbies - beading, collecting beads and collecting bead patterns/books". So I don't have 3 hobbies only, I don't count them anymore, I may say I collect hobbies too ;-)
Through beadwork I met physically and virtually so many interesting women and even some men, that I would never came across without beading nor without Internet! 
Another one of my beadwork close friends, Varda, arose my enthusiasm to self learn later on the craft of crochet (Dec 2008) and also Knitting (August 2009). She is a great source of inspiration, motivation and an expert in colors combinations.
Each craft that I learn motivates me to learn more and I would love to learn tatting, micro-macrame, polymer clay, more origami, basket weaving and surely other.

I am very attracted to paper, 3D sculptures, recycling, Nature, Plants and Insects. One of my personal challenges are to be able to express myself in the dimension. Beadwork is a good medium for trying to confront this challenge. I also like taking pictures and I hope my Insects pictures don't influence your nightmares, for me they use as a great source of inspiration from Nature's beauty :-)

So as my banner used to tell about my blog: "This is the place where you will find the beading crafts, crocheted stuff, cardboard furnitures, pictures I am taking, turned paper mosaic collage and other various crafts that I am doing."
I am always pleased to receive a comment and  feedback from you. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and I wish you a pleasant journey!

Sono sempre felice di ricevere vostri commenti!
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Jubeads Box is copyrighted by Omer, my man, standing for Judith+Beads plus the tones of cardboard Boxes Judith used to keep for her cardboard furnitures till we couldn't move in the living room and Judith had to leave some room for new stuff... So internet was a better place to stock all these ;-)