Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Donuts Ring challenge - you can already guess who inspired me...

This time I made it. A CUBIC DONUTS.

Many Matsuno beads exploded on the way and did to me a lot of troubles - forcing me to shorten the circumference of the ring but finally it was exactly the size I planned it in the beginning. I couldn't believe the sight of Matsuno beads exploding one after the other - in the most critical points! GRRRRRRRRRR..............

I bought these Matsuno beads quiet recently and expected them to be from supreme quality. This isn't the case. They aren't supreme - but still they are quiet good.

I even made an experience before buying more and discovered that with my nylon thread of about 0.2 mm - I can make six passes though each Matsuno bead. After that they just can't make it anymore and they EXPLODE. Interesting to find the limits.

I am now working on a project as a "next chapter" of this ring, but this time I work in a linear way and not circular. I find it much better and if beads explode it isn't such a big deal.

Trying to make a circle - I ended up with a square

It didn't take much time to get strong inspiration from David Chatt which I admire.

I really wanted to challenge myself making a circle according to David Chatt's technique.

It didn't really go, but I still like the results.

I find this ring very suitable also for men. I tried to conviced Omer to go with a ring of this kind but he is not much convinced :)