Thursday, September 25, 2008

25.9.08 Our Wedding

For more details, click here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24.9.08 Diaper cake for Yael S. (born on 29.8.08)

A giant thank for her extraordinary diaper cake tutorial is deserved to Imale5 ( אמאל'ה 5 ).
My sister was very happy to get it :-)
Be Aware: It takes at least 2 full hrs to fold the diapers and then you have to built the cake, wrap it etc... I have spent almost a journey with this nice present, but it was worthy I think.

Monday, September 15, 2008

15.9.08 Flower Power by Holle Randy

Flower power (which has become an epidemy attack in the French and Israeli beading forum) is a design of Holle Randy. Her site and works are of the prettiest I know. Also her kids Tale, Lotta and Till like beading - so that means something about the person, doesn't it?!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

13.9.08 The Wedding ring

13.9.08 Rose Ruffle Flowers

Rose Ruffle flowers variation, p.81 from the "Beader's floral" book.

6 & 13.9.08 Creamy flowers

In the picture above there is some chronological mix, but let's leave it. It contains all the creamy flowers I made to suit my wedding dress. All kind of trials... The winners were the Basic brick and square stitch flowers from "The Beader's Floral" book.

I numbered the flower objects in order to list some info about each of them:

1 - Flower Power - designed by Holle Randy - took me about 4-5 hrs
2ab - Brick stitch Blossom flower (Headpins) - variation 4 on p.23 in "The Beader's Floral"- size 12 of creamy Murano beads (which have their own story, but too long to describe here)- took me an 1 hr each.
3+4 - Brick stitch Blossom flower (Var. 4) - as 2, but with 11 ivory matt Japaneese seed beads - took me 50mn each.
5ab - Svetlana's "forget me not" flowers, based on Sandra D. Halpenny's "Nasturtium Blossoms" - I tried to decipher that flower who looks at first simple, but I am not sure I did it exactly as the original one. It took me each about 1/2 hr (using 12# Murano and 15# Japaneese SB).
6ab - Basic Square Stitch flower - p.30 in "The Beader's Floral" - size 11 took 1.25 hr & size 12 - 1.75 hr.
7 - A chineese pearl necklace I love very much. I got it from my parents years ago when they came back from their visit to China. Nomnom put it for her wedding last year and with the help of Varda - I added the Brick stitch Blossom flower to embelish it.
8 - "Collier Paquerette" bracelet - p.22-23 in "Cristaligne 6" book - took me hrs and it was a nightmare working with those 2 crossing needles br.....But at last, I think it was worthy :-)

There are further trials that do not appear in the picture, also taken from the "Beader's Floral" such as the:
The Filigree flower - size 11 - 0.5 hr
The Peony Rose - 2 hr (I would say it's too complicated for me...)
But this is enough for me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

1.9.08 The Aztec Collar is back

Yep, I have not posted for a long time and I apologize for that, but I had a good excuse ;-) You will discover why soon.

To make the story short, less than two weeks before last submission date, I send in mid April 08 the Aztec Collar to FMG 2008 beading contest. It entered the second round and participated together with 380 finalists (out of 1300 entries). Watch the beading contest winners works here.

So I didn't win, but I have kindly received a nice finalist certificate from FMG :-)

The piece came back safely with Fedex (as oppose to several other packages I never received recently :-[ ) and now it is time to move on.