Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24.9.08 Diaper cake for Yael S. (born on 29.8.08)

A giant thank for her extraordinary diaper cake tutorial is deserved to Imale5 ( אמאל'ה 5 ).
My sister was very happy to get it :-)
Be Aware: It takes at least 2 full hrs to fold the diapers and then you have to built the cake, wrap it etc... I have spent almost a journey with this nice present, but it was worthy I think.


marliescohen said...

Lovely cake. I could have used that in 1978 when my Yael & Reuven were born in Haifa. Now we are living in Canada.

marliescohen said...

ooops forgot to say that the twins were also born on August 29 but in 1978.

סיגל כהן said...

Hi Judith,
I'm very pleased and happy for you twice. First - because you have a new baby in your family, and those kind of things always makes me happy! Second - to have those kinds of compliments from you.....
I'm all blushed :-)
So congrats and thanks.

Happy new year and Gmar Hatima Tova.

Sigal. ("Imale 5")

Anonymous said...

Congrats from me too! Bekarov etzleh, amen :-)
The present is a super idea, well done! And Imale5 she is one tallented friend, I admire for her ideas and creativity and much more |hamsa|