Saturday, September 13, 2008

6 & 13.9.08 Creamy flowers

In the picture above there is some chronological mix, but let's leave it. It contains all the creamy flowers I made to suit my wedding dress. All kind of trials... The winners were the Basic brick and square stitch flowers from "The Beader's Floral" book.

I numbered the flower objects in order to list some info about each of them:

1 - Flower Power - designed by Holle Randy - took me about 4-5 hrs
2ab - Brick stitch Blossom flower (Headpins) - variation 4 on p.23 in "The Beader's Floral"- size 12 of creamy Murano beads (which have their own story, but too long to describe here)- took me an 1 hr each.
3+4 - Brick stitch Blossom flower (Var. 4) - as 2, but with 11 ivory matt Japaneese seed beads - took me 50mn each.
5ab - Svetlana's "forget me not" flowers, based on Sandra D. Halpenny's "Nasturtium Blossoms" - I tried to decipher that flower who looks at first simple, but I am not sure I did it exactly as the original one. It took me each about 1/2 hr (using 12# Murano and 15# Japaneese SB).
6ab - Basic Square Stitch flower - p.30 in "The Beader's Floral" - size 11 took 1.25 hr & size 12 - 1.75 hr.
7 - A chineese pearl necklace I love very much. I got it from my parents years ago when they came back from their visit to China. Nomnom put it for her wedding last year and with the help of Varda - I added the Brick stitch Blossom flower to embelish it.
8 - "Collier Paquerette" bracelet - p.22-23 in "Cristaligne 6" book - took me hrs and it was a nightmare working with those 2 crossing needles br.....But at last, I think it was worthy :-)

There are further trials that do not appear in the picture, also taken from the "Beader's Floral" such as the:
The Filigree flower - size 11 - 0.5 hr
The Peony Rose - 2 hr (I would say it's too complicated for me...)
But this is enough for me.

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Anonymous said...

Those flowers are gorgeous - I especially love the brick-stitch blossoms and the bracelet. Thank you so much for posting the pictures and the sources of the patterns! I hadn't heard of The Beader's Floral.