Saturday, November 28, 2009

28.11.09 Fuchsia Crochet Slippers

My first slippers :-)) I can't find easily slippers in the market that would please me ,so I decided to make ones. The slippers are done based on 0-407 Crochet slippers in Eskimo by DROPS design.
The pattern can be found in BRITISH terms, free of charge here.
I changed the last 3 rows, working with a different color and making a graduation on the 2nd last row of: (in US terms) hdc-dc-dc-dc-hdc around the centre top. All the rest are sc and some sc2tog to fit my feet. In the last (3rd row) I crocheted in the same area: sc-hdc-3dctog-hdc-sc and all the rest are slip-stitches.
I may add some flower in the future, let's see...

28.11.09 Purple Maggie's Earrings for Yochi

Wednesday this week, Yochi (My best Highschool friend and a woman that I admire) came to visit me for the first time in this appartment.
Yochi has always remained close to me even if we weren't in touch for several years.
It's difficult to describe it, but I am so glad whenever I see her, it feels so natural, as if we had seen each other only the day before. Regardless to many other things she is good or excellent at - she is the best story teller I have ever met :-)

She seems to enjoy seeing the jewellry I have made so far. She asked me to make her a pair of Maggie' s Earrings in purple and they were ready much earlier than I would think of.
I made the earrings with Matsuno seed beads that I carefully sorted and purple TOHO thread that I bought yesterday in Tel-Aviv. This pair takes about 6 hrs of work and this time I made them slowly and really enjoyed all the process.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

21.11.09 Plastic Bags Ballerina Doll

Few days ago, one of Varda's kid students came with a beautiful platic bags doll that her parents bought her.
I wonder who is this creative artist that thought about it and made it.
Varda had her try ( see below) and I found her doll so charming that I have decided to give it a chance too and stuffed it with plastic bags (but you can use any stuffing material, such as fiberfill). There are no rules and the dolls are lovely. Try it!

Monday, November 9, 2009

9.11.09 Naalepuder Pincushion designed by Liselotte Weller

The Original pattern for this charming pincushion appears in Danish here.

Thanks to knitmomknit for her great translation to English instructions and being so nice to share them with me.

Base on Liselotte’s pincushion, I changed the color every 3 rows.

Another translation to English can be found here.

My favorite pincushions, in addition to the original one are these ones.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

7.11.09 Crocheted Best Bunny

Finally finished! I started Mr. Bunny from a LyonBrand free pattern about 3 months ago and was SO lazy to assemble the parts, but I am glad it eventually happened...
To see some more of this cuttie on Ravelry, you can click here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5.11.09 Decodrop Lotus Earrings

Recognize? Yep, I kept circularly Gwen Fisher's Deco Lotus Earrings (I, II) and came up with this design interpretation. I like their vintage look. These ones are based on number 6 whereas the previous ones are based on number 5.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4.11.09 Chineese Beads Recycling & Blue Deco Lotus Earrings for Mom

In the picture below, you can see the "before"(left) and "after"(right).

Few months ago, Mom came back from the east and brought me a pair of earrings from China (I think...). I didn't like them so much because I found them too small and uninteresting.
Mom told me then that if I don't like them I can reuse the beads for something else.
Yesterday night, I was looking for the ring holder and I encountered again those earrings. I immediately knew what to do with them :-) I knew mom liked very much the Deco Lotus earrings, though the colors was not her taste [lucky me ;-)]. So here they are, a new pair of Deco Lotus earrings with focal beads she chose herself, although I thought it would have been perfect if I could make them in Capri blue, but I didn't have size 8/0 beads in this color, so I just improvised with some Chinese 8/0 aurora borealis blue transparent beads I had and with 8/0 Blue-Lavender Czech beads.
I know Mom likes the Royal blue color, so I hope she will like these earrings too.

To remind the ones who didn't see my last post on these earrings, the beautiful design is by Gwen Fisher and the instructions can be found in the Beadwork issue, Volume 12, number 6, October/November 2009, pp.52-53. I am already impatient to see the next issue.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3.11.09 Perdita Ring - designed by Zsuzsi Gyongymania

When I saw Iris's Perdita rings few days ago, I was really impressed of the beauty of this design. So I tried too with the free pattern kindly shared and designed by Zsuzsi Gyongymania.
It also came out well, because I just got some Swarovsky beads that I recently ordered (with the 14mm Fuchsia Rivoli and 3mm Fuchsia #5000 round crystal beads).
I first tried with C-lon thread and it came out very ugly, something went wrong there. I then used Fireline thread and also discovered I had a small mistake in the connection of the yellow innest row. Anyway, I am not so pleased with the results, because the thread is quiet popping out and the Rivoli doesn't sit so well inside ( it has a slight distortion) but apparently that might be because I used some Czech beads instead of Japanese and the shape of the beads has to do with the design. So if you try this ring, don't use here Czech beads or you will need to alter a bit the design ( I made all the ring based on 14 RAW units with 14 round beads instead of 16 units).
Omer doesn't like it because he says it looks too much like a candy, but this is exactly why I find it cute :-)
Thank you Zsuzsi and Iris, for the pattern and motivation :-)