Saturday, November 28, 2009

28.11.09 Fuchsia Crochet Slippers

My first slippers :-)) I can't find easily slippers in the market that would please me ,so I decided to make ones. The slippers are done based on 0-407 Crochet slippers in Eskimo by DROPS design.
The pattern can be found in BRITISH terms, free of charge here.
I changed the last 3 rows, working with a different color and making a graduation on the 2nd last row of: (in US terms) hdc-dc-dc-dc-hdc around the centre top. All the rest are sc and some sc2tog to fit my feet. In the last (3rd row) I crocheted in the same area: sc-hdc-3dctog-hdc-sc and all the rest are slip-stitches.
I may add some flower in the future, let's see...