Saturday, November 28, 2009

28.11.09 Purple Maggie's Earrings for Yochi

Wednesday this week, Yochi (My best Highschool friend and a woman that I admire) came to visit me for the first time in this appartment.
Yochi has always remained close to me even if we weren't in touch for several years.
It's difficult to describe it, but I am so glad whenever I see her, it feels so natural, as if we had seen each other only the day before. Regardless to many other things she is good or excellent at - she is the best story teller I have ever met :-)

She seems to enjoy seeing the jewellry I have made so far. She asked me to make her a pair of Maggie' s Earrings in purple and they were ready much earlier than I would think of.
I made the earrings with Matsuno seed beads that I carefully sorted and purple TOHO thread that I bought yesterday in Tel-Aviv. This pair takes about 6 hrs of work and this time I made them slowly and really enjoyed all the process.

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