Saturday, August 8, 2009

4-8.8.09 Blue Maggie's Earrings for Dvorah

The design of these earrings was kindly shared by their designers Sam Derrivan and Victoria Filarski.
When Dvorah saw a while ago the green Maggie's earrings I was wearing, she really loved them and asked me for a pair. I told her I could make her in whatever color she would choose. She likes the blue and I insisted I wouldn't start working on it till she doesn't come to choose exactly the tone of blue that she likes. Finally, she chose the same blue as I took for the bracelet I made her last year.

So here they are. Ready. Only that this time I made several annoying errors:
1. I used a blue C-lon thread instead of a Toho thread as I used last time. The C-lon is problematic and a bit stretchy. It also crumbles which make the whole thing shrinks and less neat.
2. I forgot to make a mirror earring and both turns to the same side.
3. I used Japanese Matsuno seed beads instead of Toho and the accumulating irregularity of the beads has a drastic impact on the final texture. The green ones came out much more flowing and dancing comparing to these ones. I also had to blow up some beads in order to ameliorate the texture.
So try using the best material for these earrings if you try to make them and a rather silky thread!

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