Monday, August 10, 2009

9-10.8.09 Milla Winter Hat for Sarah - designed by Catherine Fauvel-Roujansky

I am aware that this picture doesn't reflect at all how looks this crocheted hat, but that what I have for the moment. I made it for Sarah's 5th birthday on the 27th of September 2009. It's so hot now - that patience will be needed till I can post her wearing it.
Meanwhile , you can see how it looks on Catherine daughter's: Milla, a REAL model.
After a comprehensive search that started from the anonymous picture I had of Milla and her hat, I managed to find CoteManoir Etsy store, Catherine's "knit is fun" blog, art gallery and also be able to purchase the pattern for this amazing design on the Ravelry store.
Unfortunately, I encountered many problems with the pattern and had to rewrite it again to myself.
In case you encounter difficulties with this pattern you may ask permission from Catherine to see my comments for better understanding.

I embellished the hat with a Five-petal Traditional Rose designed by Suzann Thompson.

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