Saturday, December 3, 2011

28.11-3.12.11 Russian Hat for Beni's 60th Birthday

The project was done following  Eshchar's Blue Monkey Hat by Tara Murray with Double thread of Elza Yarn and Quadruple thread of Yasmin Yarn.
My brother in law suggested we offer my father in law a Russian hat for this birthday. That was a great idea and I warmly adopted it.
Here are the instructions in order to follow the version of the Russian hat I made, based on the Monkey hat pattern:
Rnd 9 – Ch 2, (hdc in next 7, 2hdc in next) around, join (72) 

Rnd 10 through Rnd 21 – Ch 2, hdc in each st around, join. (72)

Start on first earflap: 

Row 1 – Ch 2, hdc in next 18 (18) 
Row 2 – Ch 2, and turn, hdc2tog, hdc in next 14, hdc2tog. (16) 
Row 7 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc, ch2, hdc, hdc2tog. (6) This row will create the button hole. 
Row 8 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog, hdc, hdc, hdc2tog. (4) 
Row 9 – Ch 2 and turn, hdc2tog twice. (2)

Fasten off and repeat earflap instructions for second earflap. The space across forehead 

should be 26 st’s wide.

Join in the back of hat and work sc’s evenly around the whole hat. 

In the front, between earflaps, work 9 rows of 26 hdc each. For the button holes, in the 7th row: hdc, hdc, ch2, keep working hdc till last 4 hdc of row. ch2 and work last two hdcs.

Omer modeling the hat

My father in law was happy to receive for his 60th birthday a set of binoculars, a comprehensive book on birds and this warm hat.