Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12.8.09 The International Arts and Crafts Festival Khutzot Hayotzer (Jerusalem) 2009 חוצות היוצר

The International Arts and Crafts Festival Khutzot Hayotzer is held every single year in Jerusalem, at the sultan "swimmingpool". It gathers Israeli as well as International artists. Some are very interesting and talented and some are more craftsmen/women. Each country has a booth and in this picture you can see me trying on a Peruvian sweater, in front of the "PERU" booth.

then in the Mongolian Booth:In the nice picture below, Omer pictured for me a beautiful beadwork necklace made by the artist Rachel Dabach. What amazing colors!

I collected below all the Booths and artists I found interesting there:
  1. Shvutia Levy (Binyamin district) - Ceramics
  2. Amiela Runcan - Pottery
  3. Ethy Farchi-Shvo (אטל פרחי -שבו) - Hoshen Design, Wire crochet
  4. Aharon Betzalel-Rozner - engraved Wood Mezuzah
  5. Beyah Yativ - mezuzah Parchment art
  6. Hang-over - Hammock
  7. Arsalim - Hammock
  8. Tzuki Art , Orna Cohen Hazam and Shai Peled - Judaica (Painted Metal Family Menorah, Mezuzah etc...)
  9. Nuni - Basket weaving
  10. Rachel Dabach - beadwork and jewelry
The funny thing is that I talked with Varda few days before and she told me she is planning to be there on Tuesday, while we went there on Wednesday.
Coming back home, a day after the fair, I learnt from Varda that in fact they were there on the same day.
When Omer and I went through the pictures he took, we saw this photo and I said to him "imagine that we could see Varda in this picture" and at the same time, my eyes lead me to Varda's back ( encircled in red) :-) That was such a funny coincidence... we were so close, but met only in the picture

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