Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3.3.08 Braided circlets designed by Jeanette Shanigan for Dvorah's Birthday

This project of "Braided Circlets" (designed by Jeanette Shanigan) appears on p.49 in the Beadwork magazine from October-November 2006. Each loop takes about 20 mn.

http://shanigansbeadshenanigans.homestead.com/gallery.html Jeanette Shanigan's site

I wanted to make this project as a present for my sister Dvorah, for her birthday that was in January. I told it to her and I asked her what colours she would like me to do it. She answered she would like "navy blue and brown". She wasn't sure if the colours match together and I didn't think too much... Huaaa..... I think it looks a disaster! :(


I already have plan B, C and D in case she doesn't like it (B - transform it to a necklace with a spiral, as my friend Orly El-Al did ;), C - connect only the bronze loops to a new bracelet, D - transform it to a slave bracelet). E - make something else....


Benedicte said...

Même si le bleu n'est pas ma couleur préférée, le mélange avec le bronze est du plus bel effet. On dirait qu'il est tout moelleux, tout doux..

Try-to-be-better said...

Very nice idea!!!