Saturday, March 15, 2008

14.3.08 Frida B. 's Birthday necklace

We had an extraordinary and fun evenning with friends, celebrating Frida's birthday! (N.B. it's not the same Frida as in an older post, Frida's birthday was on the 7.3.08 but she kindly asked me when it fits us to come for the party she was organizing and fixed it upon that.

First, to sum up this week, I had a very "low beading week". I was stuck with a project very deeply. It was quiet frustrating. I couldn't move on to any new project!

Second, my sister wasn't so enthousiastic with the braided bracelet I made for her, though she didn't complain.

Each day moving on, I thought that the next day would be better, but that wasn't the case.

Yesterday, I still couldn't bead much, but my whole day was filled with a surprising and interesting correspondance with a german beading artist, trying to overcome a problem I am afronting with the "stuck project".

Today, as the last days, I started my day with no much inspiration, though I knew I wanted to make a small present for Frida.

I thought to make her a ring with an insect because we both adore insects!

I looked in Marie-Claude Burel's book - "Petites Betes en Perles - 30 Insectes Et Araignees En Perles De Rocaille" p.40-41 (Gendarme) and I found this Heteroptera bug interesting.

While preparing the bug, I understood it would be too big for a ring, so I thought to transform it to a pendant. I started an herringbone stripe but it didn't suit well. I then found myself inventing a simple necklace. It was coming up nice! I became entouthiastic and had an idea for the design! Adrenalin was high and I hadn't enough time. I ended up with a cute spiral I invented and a compromised design I finished at Frida's house :)

It was a real maraton!

Then the fun began. I was satisfied with the new necklace for Frida, I was satisfied that I designed a new spiral, I was satisfied to finally bead and also meet my friends that I didn't see for a while. We played like kids in all kinds of funny games such as "contact" and "sharaide" (which sounded chineese to me beforehand). Finally, Frida and her partner made us great food (such as smoked salmon enrolled with cream cheese and spices) and took us to watch some moon cratters! We even saw areas within cratters in which we could see the shading of the mountains. What a surprising day.... :)

Sorry for the bad pictures, the conditions were not evident...