Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4.11.09 Chineese Beads Recycling & Blue Deco Lotus Earrings for Mom

In the picture below, you can see the "before"(left) and "after"(right).

Few months ago, Mom came back from the east and brought me a pair of earrings from China (I think...). I didn't like them so much because I found them too small and uninteresting.
Mom told me then that if I don't like them I can reuse the beads for something else.
Yesterday night, I was looking for the ring holder and I encountered again those earrings. I immediately knew what to do with them :-) I knew mom liked very much the Deco Lotus earrings, though the colors was not her taste [lucky me ;-)]. So here they are, a new pair of Deco Lotus earrings with focal beads she chose herself, although I thought it would have been perfect if I could make them in Capri blue, but I didn't have size 8/0 beads in this color, so I just improvised with some Chinese 8/0 aurora borealis blue transparent beads I had and with 8/0 Blue-Lavender Czech beads.
I know Mom likes the Royal blue color, so I hope she will like these earrings too.

To remind the ones who didn't see my last post on these earrings, the beautiful design is by Gwen Fisher and the instructions can be found in the Beadwork issue, Volume 12, number 6, October/November 2009, pp.52-53. I am already impatient to see the next issue.