Saturday, September 26, 2009

26.9.09 Deco Lotus Earrings designed by Gwen Fisher

The instructions for these beautiful earrings can be found in the current Beadwork issue, Volume 12, number 6, October/November 2009, pp.52-53.
When colours have been already chosen, an earring took about 30 mn only!
This was a fun and fairly quick project with a very nice result, to my opinion.
Thank you Gwen for sharing this beautiful design with the Beadwork magazine readers'!


gwenbeads said...

You are very welcome! I love the bright and cheerful colors you used! Fantastic and perfect with the large bead you chose! I'm also happy to hear that you found the pattern quick and easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing these on your blog and giving such a full citation for the design. You are wonderful for that.

Ági mama said...

Beautiful work!!!

judith27k said...

You are welcome Gwen :-) That way, I find it easier for me and other to find the design of the work (which is a good habit I adopted from my M.Sc degree writing).

and thank you Agi Mama!

Murphy said...

Hi Judith,
I love these earrings!
Great color choices and beautiful beadwork as usual!
I also like what your're doing with crochet and knitting.
Thank you for such a great blog!:-)

judith27k said...

Hi Saby!
Thanks for your kind words :-)
From you, I take it as a real compliment and I am really glad you like my blog.
I absolutely love what you are doing with beads. You have such a patience for wonderful long projects and I also love your beautiful color choice.

Have a great day,


khahina said...

Nice tiny earrings

Godd work

Вязание said...

Veru nice work!!

KATY said...

Really nice and I like the colours !