Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3.11.09 Perdita Ring - designed by Zsuzsi Gyongymania

When I saw Iris's Perdita rings few days ago, I was really impressed of the beauty of this design. So I tried too with the free pattern kindly shared and designed by Zsuzsi Gyongymania.
It also came out well, because I just got some Swarovsky beads that I recently ordered (with the 14mm Fuchsia Rivoli and 3mm Fuchsia #5000 round crystal beads).
I first tried with C-lon thread and it came out very ugly, something went wrong there. I then used Fireline thread and also discovered I had a small mistake in the connection of the yellow innest row. Anyway, I am not so pleased with the results, because the thread is quiet popping out and the Rivoli doesn't sit so well inside ( it has a slight distortion) but apparently that might be because I used some Czech beads instead of Japanese and the shape of the beads has to do with the design. So if you try this ring, don't use here Czech beads or you will need to alter a bit the design ( I made all the ring based on 14 RAW units with 14 round beads instead of 16 units).
Omer doesn't like it because he says it looks too much like a candy, but this is exactly why I find it cute :-)
Thank you Zsuzsi and Iris, for the pattern and motivation :-)


Ági mama said...


- egy robot - said...

You are welcome! :-) Your colours look lovely.

If you use Czech seed beads, try size 10 - that's probably closest to the Japanese 11/0.

Anonymous said...

your ring is beautiful!!!!!!!
I'm glad my rings inspired you.

KATY said...

I love this ring !