Wednesday, December 5, 2007

5.12.07 Irit M's Hojas Bracelets

It has become a tradition now...

I received today a gift for Hanuka. It was a parcel in a squary box, light and cute, sent from the USA.

I went with it in the St as if I got a present from "Papa Noel" or "Mama Hanuka", so happy.

Of course I knew what was inside - but expectation of stuff you buy on the net is full of healthy expectation which makes me so glad when I receive it.

So in fact, it was my wooden spools that I ordered in order to make a free colourful project published on the net:

I expected them to be bigger than they were, but the size was the one I ordered. In fact, it suits delica 11 and not Matsuno 11, but I think it will still be good enough for my purpose. I need to do some modifications to the bands I already did - but nevermind...

I had even transformed them to black, but I ask myself if I should cover them with varnish too or not?!

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Zebra said...

You`ve got me very curious now...glad I am not a cat LOL. I am sure it is gonna be worth waiting, so good luck with that!
As for varnishing the wooden spools, yes, I would do so.