Saturday, January 12, 2008

12.1.08 Yelona Asteride - Before Metamorphosis

This bracelet is very popular among the French bead forum. The scheme was designed by Yelona and kindly shared in the Forum. Yelona's original Bracelet Asteride Bracelet Scheme

It took me about 25mn for each square when I was very efficient. I think in total the bracelet took me about 6 hrs.
I started with Bumble gum and Pistachio colours that I like very much, only that these colours doesn't suit at all my skin colour.
Thanks to Varda, I got an idea to embellish it so that it can be wearable also for me.
The embellishments are almost ready and I will soon publish my final version to the famous Asteride bracelet.


zebra said...

I am curious to see the bracelet after metamorphosis!! Even at this stage it looks great, and so does the model:-)



Julieta bisuteria said...

Es un brazalete maravilloso..