Friday, January 25, 2008

"Ram's Horn Shell Bead" designed by Sharon Bateman

After a long struggle and several trials, I finally succeeded to make a "Ram's Horn Shell Bead". This bead was remarkably designed by Sharon Bateman and the explanations appears in the book "The art of beaded beads, exploring design, color and technique"(Jean Campbell) p.86-89.
It was a very challenging project in which I used Matsuno and Toho 11' seed beads and it took me about three hrs. Whoever intends to try it, please remember it's important to start the spiral in the correct direction, otherwise it's a mess.
The colours I used for this beaded shell won't suit a jewel (or maybe it can?! I don't see how...), but it can just stand as a beaded sculpture.


Smadar's Treasure said...

The shells look very nice!
In my opinion, the colours can also be used to make a jewel, why not?.. The blue beads you added to the warm colors are "poping" the whole look, it's great!


zebra said...

I admire you for your "beading stamina"! The new beads look great.

Just for interesting, I add a link of nature`s color palette :-)


Bénédicte said...

J'adore ! on dirait des petits sacs, c'est génial ! dommage que je ne comprenne pas l'anglais, zut alors !

khahina said...

Nice work .
Very cute shell

Your link on sharon bateman don(t work .

judith27k said...

Thanks Kahina for drawing my attention, it looks Sharon's site is under construction.