Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Narcist Asteride - After metamorphosis

During a hike in Nahal Peres, in the south-west of the Dead Sea, we met some camels.
Here is one smiling to you :)

When we got back, I finally finished my metamorphosed asteride bracelet and it became full of colourful daffodils.
The daffodils are done following "3-D Beaded Daffodils by Emily Hackbarth":

I found a daffodil I did about a year ago with Chinese seed beads and simple fishing thread. It took me then at least three hrs if not more. The beads were exploding all the time and the thread was too thick. I had many many difficulties with it and it was a real achievement to finish it then. It took me one year to recover from the horrible experience with those Chinese seed beads. This time, I did the daffodils with Matsuno and Toho 11 seed beads. The yellow and hot pink Matsuno were behaving so badly I had to use a 15' needle. When I was really efficient, I managed to finish one daffodil in 1 3/4 hr. An additional conclusion, is that it is better to use a monofiber nylon thread to make the yellow center of the daffodils so that it can stand stiff and not fold itself.

I also finally found a home to the bumble bee I showed you lately:
The bumble bee scheme appears in Marie-Claude Burel's book - "Petites Betes en Perles - 30 Insectes Et Araignees En Perles De Rocaille" p.58-59 (Bourdon Terrestre).

After some shots of the bracelet I encountered a couple of butterflies having some fun together. Aren't they nice?

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olga said...

superbe ce bracelet fleuri!!! Il me plait beaucoup!Bises