Monday, February 4, 2008

4.2.08 The riddle answer for O...D - "Rita Ladenheim's Beaded Dendrobium Orchidea"

Many of you may know this picture. For you who don't, this is the Fire Mountain and Gems 2007-08 Catalog cover.
I got this catalog last summer in my postal box and I couldn't stop watching the cover flower necklace.
At first, I guessed it was a new piece from "Karen Paust" - one of my favorite beading artists. At a second look, it was in fact a piece of "Rita Ladenheim". I tried to find more information about Rita on the net, but unfortunately I couldn't find any. In FMG catalog, it is written that Rita did this three-dimensional flower necklace in variations of the peyote stitch and was inspired by Karen Paust. I have a feeling (that might be wrong of course) that Rita prefers working with delicas and Karen with czech seed beads.
On the 1.12.07 I posted in my blog the following:
"I have been starting to work on a very fun project. I won't tell you yet what it is. I can only tell it starts with an O and ends with an A. Any guess? - But even if you are right, I can't tell you because I want it to be a surprise.The thing is I may need to buy a delica color that I don't have for that project and I hope it won't take too long till I get it. Meanwhile, I keep working on it... Ciao!"
The missing yellow delica colour wanted to bring with him some friends. I couldn't resist :)
Now I have a class of delica colours.
Back to our story, I got this week the missing colour! I could immediately continue with this project that was patiently waiting for me.
And now, Tadadammmmm..... :
Here is Rita Ladenheim's beaded orchidea I deciphered from the cover. Since I had no way to contact you Rita, I post here a big big Thank you, in case you will see it one day!
Each petal leaf took me about an hour and the petal pattern varies a little bit from the original. In the pattern I got I can see a pink hugging bear (I assure you I didn't mean it to be so, regarding puppets, I would prefer green frogs, tigers and giraffes).
It's also the occasion to thank "Little Woman in the Street" for giving me one fuschia swarovski crystal that was especially, kindly and delicately taken out from her swarovski bead card!


bemese71 said...

This flower is wonderful!!!

zebra said...

All of a sudden the puzzle pieces fit together to makes this wonderfull flower:-)
Great job!