Sunday, February 10, 2008

7.2.08 A set for Neora

It's been a while that I wanted to prepare something for Omer's mom.
Now, I finally had the opportunity to do it, while the "family day" we had this week was just an excuse for that.
I started with the russian leaves earrings I learned from Pnina and I also wanted to prepare a ring that will suit in order to make a small set.
I started with a simple tubular peyote stitch and ended up with the idea to add as a motif of the ring "Tali's button" (which appears in a bracelet she has done in the following link I actually don't know if it's her design, but I surely know she gave an extremely clear diagram for it. I saw Varda's version to it on the same morning and I really liked it. Varda told me it's quiet simple and quick. Indeed, it was so and I just had to pick up triangle beads instead of the hexcuts that I didn't have.
Varda and I spent a great day shopping around "Tel-Aviv Bead Center" or as we call it, "the triangle" (like the bermuda triangle, swallowing women into it and also for being a counterpoint between three streets). That day was full of beads and I felt quiet efficient.

Neora got the present and seemed to be happy. The colour was a good match and the ring suited one of her fingers!
The pictures were taken in Bat Shlomo and it was a big fun feeling so close the spring arriving. I love so much the spring! It is the most beautiful season that can be.


Anonymous said...

הכנת מתנה נהדרת!!
רעיון נפלא!!

zebra said...

What a pretty gift! Is your favourite color her`s too? :-)

The pictures are breathtaking,
well done!


vezsuzsi said...

Great beads, great photo...

Frany said...

j'aime énormément c'est superbe!frany

bemese71 said...

I saw Your site, your juwellerys are very beautiful and interresting.

judith27k said...

Thank you Emese for visiting my blog!

triz said...

I love those earring!!!