Saturday, June 27, 2009

27.6.09 Corsage Rose Flower for Pierrette

My aunt Pierrette is a very crafty and artistic woman. Only when she got retired, she really started developing all her crafty skills and I have been always admiring her for that and for the way her house looked like and is still looking. It is a real small museum.
Pierrette made for me a while ago a tobleron sewing box from cartonnage, including all the needed utensils. I strongly felt I wanted to share with her my gratitude for her kindness.
Since I am in my "crocheting" madness period, I made her this Corsage rose flower that I already made in the past, but this time, I wasn't lazy to check my first 87 chains - so it went smooth :-)
I remind you, if you look for the instructions for this Corsage Flower, you will find it in "The Crochet Bible" book by Sue Whiting, p.118.
Mom also really helped me getting a button to decorate the center and I am glad I can announce this unfinished project as FINISHED! ( I had the flower strip ready since February maybe?!).

Merci Pierrette!

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TattingChic said...

Your Aunt Pierrette seems to be a talented lady. Those are both treasures. She is not only talented, but thoughtful as well. That needlework kit is nice! :)