Saturday, May 30, 2009

29-30.5.09 Shavuot 2009 at Tzippori

Some pictures I'd like to share with you from a journey we had in theTzippori Park.

This is a nice Mezuzah of wheat spike that I find inspiring.

Doesn't it remind you of Diane Fitzgerald's Gingko leafs? This is a mosaic picture of a scene in the Nilus river of Egypt, from the floor of the Nilus house (Roman Villa).

This is my love: the marvellous noble Mona Liza of the Galilee. A master piece of the Roman Villa, dated from about the year 200 AC. Maybe a picture of the landlady or a mythological figure.

Some old ceramic oil tins.

A cute small decorative bird.

Tasty Pita we made ourselves in a local workshop.

Back to Bat Shlomo, we found this beautiful wild Allium:

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