Sunday, May 10, 2009

8.5.09 Mom 63rd Birthday's Present - Crochet Lily of the Valley Butterfly Necklace

A closeup on the clasp:

On Sunday this week, I discovered two amazing Internet treasures. The first one was the crochet and knitting flower free patterns on the lionbrand site. The second one was the "mypicot" site with additional amazing flowers AND butterflies to crochet and knit. I immediately fell in love and decided to use these elements to create a necklace from crochet for Mom's birthday.
I made 4 Lily of the Valley Crochet Flowers (also called in French "Muguet de Mai" and offered on 1st of May) , one Rosebud flower for the clasp and finally a Butterfly. For the flowers I used a regular cotton yarn of 125 m for 50 gr (hook of size 2), whereas for the butterfly I used DMC cotton thin threads ( but can't say exactly what size except the hook which was size 1).
With the great help of two girls from the Crochet Israeli forum "פורום סריגה", I succeeded to overcome the obstacles I encountered in the scheme of the butterfly, as how to read it. (Row 2 of the Upper wings of the big butterfly is: 2 ch, sc in 2nd ch from hook, 13 ch, 1 tr to the center of the wing [in the tr of the middle], 5 ch, 1 tr to the center of the wing, 8 ch, double tr to the center of the wing [ yarn 3 times over the hook], 5 ch, 1dc in the middle of the double tr, 5 ch, tr to the center of the wing, 13 ch, sc in same place as sc of this row and sl st to close to a ring). Also the work of crochet with such thin thread was strange to me at first.
I felt afraid and challenged for how to compose all the pieces together and succeeded to finish on Thursday on time, with the help of Omer and Varda. I hope I did well. [Huib, your inspiration is in the air ;-) ]
I think Mom loves it and it is quiet her colours. So sorry if I overcharge you with pictures - but I wanted to show you how it looks on Mom :-)

To another issue, I discovered recently that some of my favorite Francophone artist blogs has disappeared from the net (such as Benedicte Tarrade, Kim Anderson, Frany et ses perles and more). This is a real loss to the beading community and I hope they will create a new one soon - I miss them.
On the other hand, I had the nice surprise to discover today that some of you can find the links I put here in my blog interesting and helpful (Thank you Louise for the credit). It is my pleasure and I am glad if you can enjoy it.


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it's so so wonderful !
I love it !!!!!

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