Thursday, May 14, 2009

14.5.09 Is anyone willing to create for me a video on how to crochet a beaded bead?

Maybe the German community would be so kind to make it?
I think I am doing something wrong because I really have to struggle for each bead that I crochet and it takes me about 3-5 hrs to make one beaded bead with 11 size seed beads and a 15mm bead (including 30mn to string 270 seed beads according to a pattern). Is it normal?

Tibouchine, I tried yesterday to make a beaded bead with slip stitch only, but after the second row I gave up and kept with single crochet. I still haven't finished it and I wonder if I will, it seems to take ages.
I want to see how those wonderful German artists crochet the beaded beads with the 15 size seed beads. Anyone volunteers? :-) Please...
I searched in Youtube but found instructions only for a beaded crochet rope and I want to see how they crochet a bead!


bluepearl said...

Judith, please have a look to this instruction. May be it's usefull for you.

Greetings from Germany

bluepearl said...

And once more me:
There is a CD you can by at Fofinha's shop. Please look here:


judith27k said...

Thank you so much Anke for your important and useful information. However, I don't know German and I think it would be better for me to have a tutorial in English or with an English translation.
Anyhow, I appreciate very much your comment. Maybe if I don't find any English explanation I will end up by purchasing those interesting CDs. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Judith, when I do crocheted BBs: Before I start a new row, I separate the amount of beads I will have to use for this row. Usually I attach small paper clips on the thread/yarn in order to fix the "separation". So I always know exactly, how many beads I must crochet in a round. I even separate the different "groups" within one round, so I never fail to do the correct increases/decreases.
Perhaps this is helpful
Kind regards

gina /aka / wing said...

here is an address for a free pattern to crochet a bead.
hope it's what you wanted.
cheers! :)
gina ;)

Dóra said...

Hi Judith,

I'm Dora from Hungary.(

Could you give me your e-mail address? Maybe I can help you.


judith27k said...

Thank you Gina for the link, but it is not actually what I am looking for. The link refers to a crocheted bead but without the seed beads. I made once a crocheted bead with seed beads, but there are too many spaces and the thread is seen (which is not the expected result, you can also see my post about it, I was looking for a tutorial on how to crochet a bead with seed beads as is traditionally done by the German beadwork community, also with 15 seed beads in such a way that you don't see any space and you may think it is brick stitch or another beadwork stitch ( not related to crochet). By the way, there is an artist called Yael Krakowsky which creates amazing beadwork based on crocheting with seed beads. I have the link in my roll and I recommend you to check it. Anyway, thanks for trying to help :-)

judith27k said...

Dear Tibouchine, that is a helpful tip which can save from mistakes. When I tried last time, I separated the beads by putting the relevant ones close to the work and put the rest much away from them. My main difficulty is with the crocheting itself, I use too many force to enter the bead+thread and I am afraid that If I don't do so, the bead is going freely to whatever direction it likes.