Wednesday, March 4, 2009

4.3.09 Funny Coincidation

I had a great day today, full of adventures :-)
It started with this strange coincidation, when I was looking on the map of Tel-Aviv/Ramat Gan to plan my itinerary. I suddenly saw that there is a street called Judith overthere, but this is not so exciting because also in Jerusalem you will find a Judith St and probably also in other cities of Israel. The exciting thing was that it meets the Beads St which is just next to the "Beads Park"???!!! Haaaaahhh...?I haven't been yet to any of these places, but this is quiet amusing. Additionally, it is approximate to the prestigious Shenkar art School!
I am too lazy to tell the rest, I guess it's not so interesting for you either. Just to summarize that I was really happy and surprised to find some beads I had asked to order from a bead shop in Ramat Gan and never been notified they had arrived. I found cool clothes in ridiculous prices and now I have a new set of vivid clothes in my guarderobe, for winter AND summer ( need to make some room for these ;-) ) lime green, witch purple, peach etc... Youpi :-)

Ciao for the moment dear friends!

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Anonymous said...

ואפרופו, שם השכונה בר"ג הוא שכונת