Friday, March 27, 2009

27.3.09 Last Iris for this season in the "Iris hills" (Nes-Ziona)

This year, as opposed to the last one, we missed the irises, but there was one beautiful left. Omer caught a Phoracantha recurva beetle on my hairs, while resting under an Eucalyptus and was very satisfied to discover that they had started their activity this season.


squash said...

Your latest beaded flowers and the butterfly are so beautiful. I like a lot the crocheted pieces, but these are my favorites. I can see now where your inspiration come from. The iris is a pure beauty.

judith27k said...

I agree with you Squash, this last Iris is beautiful! and thank you for posting comments to me ;-)

I find it hard to make both crochet and beading together. When I get hooked to one of them, I can't work on the other, but this is fun as well to vary from craft to craft. I think that my beading muse is now coming back...
Hope the spring is also affecting you in a positive way :-)