Saturday, May 19, 2007

Choco-Vanilla Ice Cream Bracelet and ring

This time, straight from the freezer. I must admit that the seed beads were awful! Especially the chocolate beads, they broke every 3 beads that I took. It was hard and I didn't have the patience to make the whole necklace out of it. Not to tell you that I confused the colours. I wanted it exactly the opposite, but nevermind.

Considering I started a new work on Wednesday and I had no much time (I have to get myself use to the morning hours), I feel good to have done it.

Let's say it took me in total between 4-5 hours with all these beads I had to repair again and again. So I prefer to call it an experience on a choco-vanilla ice cream, getting myself prepared to the summer.

So here is the link to the Czech site, if you like the scheme:

Meanwhile, I am waiting for quality seed beads, that I order with Maayan's commune.

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