Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10-11.1.11 Sweet-pea in a pod hat by Natalie Larson

Instructions for the Sweet-pea in a pod, can be found here.
I used Size 3-6 month, Needles 5.0 mm and 3.75 mm.

Using 5mm circular needles, I made the casting on for the 3-6 months size, however knitted up to 4.5’. Then for the decrease, I added a Knit round after Round 5 and 8. 

With a separate thread I made the vines, using circular needles of 3.75mm size. In the Peas instructions, Row 1 should be Kf&b&f instead of Kf&b twice, so that it will sum up to 3 sts. I didn’t like the vines and peas result, even if they are smaller in proportion than in the original design. Seems too messy. 

I thought that the open “Peas in a Pod” by Hansi Singh might fit better, but here too, even using size 2mm dpn, the peapod came out too big comparing the hat and I still don’t like it this way.

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