Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10.9 - 30.11.10 Ming the Grumpy Old Bear - designed by Susan B. Anderson

My mom kept with her from Algeria, a very old teddy bear she got in her childhood, that she used to call "Ming". The bear is about 60 years old now.

When I saw the cute grumpy old bear designed by Susan B. Anderson in her book "Itty-Bitty Nursery" pp.18-20, it very much reminded me of Ming.
For my little poupik growing inside, I decided to knit him this tiny bear. It came out about a third of the original Ming size. I need to take a picture of both of them together one day.
I used 3mm size needles and hook for the knitting and assembling, while I finally managed to sew all parts when coming back from Lyon, after having this project on hold for months, because I just hate the sewing part.
More information, can be found here.

The legs came out distorted, but I am too lazy to unpick them now. What I like in this bear is its face expression.

As promised, during this weekend, I finally pictured the source of inspiration for Ming Senior and Ming Junior.

20.8.11 Eshchar having some fun with Ming Junior. First hug to the teddy bear.

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